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    Rich PV focused on Solar business. Rich PV established in 2005,the group is located on the University of Science and Technology Industry Zone of Hunan Province. The company is an important famous solar enterprise which get the government support. We have approved national super-leader certificate. According to the industrial 4.0 smart manufacture criterion we have built basement with auto line of photovaltaic panel,solar cells and portable powers. Rich PV is an integration company about solar power systems.……

    Found in 2005
    More than 30 Patient certificates
    More than 380 Distributors
    Accumulating Power 3GW

    Products cover solar cells, photovoltaic modules, inverters, charging piles, providing competitive integrated solutions for home solar photovoltaic, large and medium-sized solar photovoltaic power plants, photovoltaic off-grid power generation, municipal engineering and other projects.


    Solar Panel Made in China 180Wp 190Wp Flexible 5BB Mono 190W Photovoltaic for sale

    RICH PV 150W 160W 165W POLY solar panel solar module pv panel

    36pcs polycrystalline solar pane,Poly 75W 80W 85W small photovolatic panels

    Hot sale Mono 72pcs solar cell solar module 360W 370W for solar energy system


    RICH PV continues to create value for customers through continuous technological innovation, and is committed to the intelligent manufacturing and upgrading of solar products.


    Nuocheng PV, solar energy industry chain solution provider, your photovoltaic energy total solution expert

    Peng Jiqiu, member of the Standing Committee of Hunan Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference and vice Chairman of Changsha Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, paid a visit to the company
    Two 40'HQ container solar panel produced by Hunan RICH PV was sent to Pakistan.
    On March 21, 2020, with the completion of the last component loading, it marked the smooth delivery of the solar panel produced by Hunan RICH PV to Pakistan. The customer ordered 1.44mw solar panels,
    Chief of the kano Chinese of Nigeria and President of the Chinese merchants association of Nigeria Mr. Zhang Guangyu and his delegation came to visit the company
    Morocco-China trade week 2019